Instructional Material: Exercise: Drive and Avoid Obstacles

We have looked at test programs for several sensors. Now lets use two sensors to create a practical example of using sensors. We will take the simple driving sample and use an UltraSonic sensor to detect obstacles in the path of the robot and then use the Gyro sensor to execute a 90 degree turn to avoid an obstacle and continue driving. A Touch sensor is used as a way to stop the program along with the escape key on the EV3.

In ev3.exercises create a new class called DriveAvoid and copy the following code into that class:

This program will drive the robot and if it detects an obstacle in its path it will make a 90 degree right turn and continue driving. It will drive until the escape key or touch sensor is pressed.


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Lab Activity
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Middle School
High School
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Computing / Computer Science
Robotics Software
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