Instructional Material: Advanced Core Device Interface Module

The Modern Robotics Core Device Interface Module is used to connect devices, typically sensors, to the robot control system. There are several different connection protocol options available: digital, analog and I2C. A number of the Modern Robotics sensors use I2C and typically, if you only have one sensor of a specific type, you can ignore the I2C details and let the FTC SDK object for the sensor communication using default parameters. But if for instance you wanted to have 2 color sensors on a robot, you have to move beyond the defaults and perform I2C address configuration so that the two color sensors are not both using the default I2C address assigned to sensors at the factory. Configuring the I2C addresses requires using a utility program called Core Device Discovery.

Here is a detailed discussion of the Core Device Interface.

This lesson at Modern Robotics Education delves into this topic in detail. Follow the lesson, watch the videos and when you are done you will be ready to handle I2C addressing.


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