Assessment: UAV Technology Modeling with EV3

Assessment Type: 

Have students use their EV3 Quadcopter model to explain/demonstrate:

1) The 4 Forces of Flight
2) The Axes of Control
3) The Stability provided by the IMU (gyro sensors and/or accelerometers)
4) The Collision Avoidance of more advanced UAVs (ultrasonic sensor)
5) The Bluetooth Remote Control functionality

Students may do this through:

1) Journal entires, presentations, posters with static model
2) Dynamic demonstration of Quadcopter running different programs without remote control (hover, pitch forward, roll left, yaw right, etc.)
3) Dynamic demonstration with Bluetooth remote control of maneuvers is real time
3) Autonomous dynamic demonstration of Quadcopter using senors (gyro, ultrasonic) to respond to changes in aircraft attitude or proximity to obstacles