Instructional Material: TPP Quadcopter Uses Lesson

The resource for this Lesson is TPP UAV Training Program Part 3: Lesson 11 >>> Quadcopter Uses.

This lesson delves deeper into various uses for UAS including Agriculture, Inspections, Wildlife Management, Search & Rescue, Entertainment, Surveillance and more.

NOTE 1: To access Part 3 of the TPP UAV Training Program, an access code from completing Part 2 is needed - this code is "2017p3TPP".

NOTE 2: As currently laid out, the TPP course is structured with a scope and sequence that logically follows the needs for a Part 107 overview course. However, we will be using their lessons out-of-sequence in some cases for our recreational drone operations over school property based course. The TPP site does not allow one to advance to a subsequent lesson until the quiz for the current lesson is successfully completed, which make skipping ahead or out-of-sequence awkward. However, if your browser is set to accept cookies and you run through the course/quizzes once, you may then choose "Resume" and then use the "Menu" tab in the upper-right to resume at any point already completed.

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