Instruction Guide: UAV Programming

The Primary Instructional Resource for this Lesson is TPP UAV Training Program Part 2: Lessons 7 and resources/apps from Parrot and DroneBlocks for programming the Parrot Mambo, DJI Tello and DJI Spark.

For the Hands-On portion of the lesson, students will use the appropriate aircraft checklist ( e.g.. Tello) and the Student sUAV Pilot Log to track their progress through the Summative Assessment Flight Assignment.

Note 1: To access Part 2 of the TPP UAV Training Program, access code from Completing Part 1 is needed - this code is "TPP2017p2"

Note 2: As currently laid out, the TPP course is structured with a scope and sequence that logically follows the needs for a Part 107 overview course.  However, we will be using their lessons out-of-sequence in some cases for our Section 336 (recreational/hobbyist drone operations over school property) based course.  The TPP site does not allow one to advance to a subsequent lesson until the quiz for the current lesson is successfully completed, which make skipping ahead or out-of-sequence awkward.  However, if your browser is set to accept cookies and you run through the course/quizzes once, you may then choose "Resume" and then use the "Menu" tab in the upper-right to resume at any point already completed.

> You may use the TPP resource for direct instruction to a group, or allow students to work through the lessons individually.  The first-time access process requires name, school, grade info - but none of this is verified (so non-identifying info may be used) and there is no email verification.

> Each lessons ends with a quiz that gates advancement to the next lesson - we suggest using this a Formative Assessment tool.


TPP UAV Training Program - Part 2, Lesson 7

> Basic Programming - use the TPP slide to distinguish between programming to build versus fly a sUAV

> Building a UAS - use the TPP slide to describe the programming needed to build a sUAV

> Flight Programming - use the TPP slide to explain Flight Programming in general and then describe the programming students will use for their sUAVs

> Autonomy - use the TPP slide animation to distinguish between Automatic and Autonomous

> Mapping & Processing - use the TPP slides to describe UAV mapping and Processing in general, then describe the photography and processing students will use for their sUAVs


Programming the Parrot Mambo

Use the free Parrot Education Blocky (now WorkBench) site to program the Parrot Mambo:

Note: You can create programs on this site on any browser/computer, however to download and run your program you must be in the Chrome browser on Windows, MacOS (not iOS), Chrome OS or Android OS.

This Parrot site has some introductory project ideas:


Programming the DJI Tello or Spark

Use the free DroneBlocks app (iOS, Android or Chrome) to program the Tello and Spark:

A free introductory course for the Tello is here:

A free introductory course for the Spark is here:

A free Tello advanced programming source (variables, geometry, trigonometry) is here:

This free Tello EDU course on navigating around a Space Station theme is applicable to the original Tello as well:

Additonal pay-for ($49) courses for Tello and Spark (with free samples) are available on this page: