Instruction Guide: The NXT Circuit

This lesson applies the learning from the previous Circuits and Switches lesson to the particulars of the NXT.

The Four Parts of a NXT Circuit (see NXT Circuit PPT : slide 1)

  • Power Source – Battery
  • Conducting Path – Wires
  • Switch – NXT brick buttons, or other inputs
    •  Ask students which sensor acts like a simple switch (Touch Sensor)
  • Load – Motors, or other outputs (lamps, LCD screen, speaker)

NXT Insulators, Conductors and Semiconductors

  • Conductors – Wires (slide 1)
  • Insulators – Plastic covers on electronic components
  • Semiconductors – Not as obvious from the outside
    •  LED’s on battery pack or light sensor
    • LCD screen on NXT brick
    •  Mostly inside plastic housings (slide 2)
    • Black plastics rectangles on circuit board are semiconductor computer chips
    • Also found in ultrasonic, sound and light sensors
    • Also found in motors (slide 3)