Instruction Guide: NXT Software: On-Brick 5 Step Programming

Writing a 5 Step On-Brick Program

Have students move through NXT top level menu to “NXT Program”

This 5 Step Programming Lab PowerPoint walks through the procedure and explains the lab.

Have students complete the NXT Software: 5 Step Programming Worksheet as they progress through the lab:

  • Students fill in the five programming boxes on the NXT screen:
    • 1st & 3rd boxes give choices of movements or sounds (outputs)
    • 2nd & 4th boxes give choices of wait-until sensor/time (inputs)
    • 5th box give choice to stop or repeat from 1st step
  • Analyzing the each programs' steps helps students to see the connection between inputs (sensing environment) and outputs (responding to instructions) and the sequential nature of NXT programs
  • Have students demonstrate their favorite program for the class:
    • Have other students attempt to identify the inputs, outputs and program flow