Instruction Guide: Using the NXT Video Trainer

Have the students access NXT Video Trainer 2.0.

Have them go to the Basics screen and from there go to Using the NXT Video Trainer. Have them watch this video.

The key points are:

NXT Video Trainer 2.0 and the NXT Programming software (NXT-G) are two different things

  • The NXT Video Trainer 2.0 delivers video lessons on how to program in NXT-G
  • NXT-G is used to write programs and download them to the NXT Brick

NXT Video Trainer 2.0 and NXT-G should be used side-by-side

  • Students can pause the NXT Video Trainer  lesson and carry-out the lesson instructions in NXT-G
  • This allows real-time reinforcement of the EV3 Trainer material through an immediate hands-on experience

NXT Video Trainer 2.0 can be “rewound” and reviewed as necessary to fulfill the lesson instructions in EV3-G

Note: There is no lesson-level assessment for the lesson.