Instruction Guide: NXT Test Circuits (View Mode)

Have student power up NXT bricks. Walk students through EV3 top level men using left/right buttons

  • Projecting page 5 from the NXT Quick Start Guide may be helpful


    • My Files – this is where the programs that students create will be stored. We will use this in future units.
    • NXT Program – used to write programs directly on the brick (no computer involved). We will use this in the hardware/software/firmware unit..
    • View Mode – used to view sensor values. We will use this mode today.
    • Bluetooth – used to wirelessly connect the NXT to another NXT, or a computer, or another Bluetooth enabled device. We will use this is in advanced units.
    • Settings – used to control features of the NXT. We will use this right now.
      • Have students select Settings (by pressing the orange select button)
      • Have student select Volume from the sub-menu
      • Have student lower volume to “1” (by pressing left/right button)
      • Back out to top level menu (by pressing grey back button)
    • Try Me – used to run sample programs. We will use this later in this unit.

Navigate top level menu back to “View Mode” and select it Walk students through View Mode menu using left/right buttons

  • Notice that several menu option have a “*” at the end of their name
    • These denote older generation sensors which we will NOT be using. Student should bypass these choices.

Have students work through the "View Mode" Worksheet to explore the function of each of the sensors.

See the Answer Key for the "View Mode" Worksheet for the key learning students should take away for each of the sensors.