Instruction Guide: NXT Hardware

Building the First Tribot

Have student build the Tribot in the User Guide

  • Instructions are included in Lego Educational 9797 Kit
  • Also available here

Alternatively, any Tribot configuration will work for this exercise


  • The lengths of axles and long beams are shown on a 1:1 scale on each page in the instructions
    • Also, recall, the length of axles are specified by how many beam-holes they are in length
  • In newer 9797 kits, some parts are different colors or shapes than shown in the instructions.  These differences are documented on the inside front cover of the User Guide in those kits.

Ensure all students share in the building experience by having students rotate rolls every time they turn a page in the instructions:

  • Fetcher/Checker - this students gathers on the parts needed for the next step (inside blue box in instructions) and checks the builders results against the images in the instructions
  • Builder - this student assembles the gathered part per the instructions