Instruction Guide: Powering the Brick

The NXT Video Trainer 2.0  has a lesson that discusses powering the NXT brick.

Powering the NXT: Discussion Watch video as group and discuss the NXT power options

  • This is students' first exposure to" NXT Video Trainer 2.0"


    • Point out icons, menus, lesson format, etc.

AA Batteries

  • Use separate battery cover for AA’s
  • Higher voltage than from rechargable batteries
  • Slower drain from full charge/peak voltage
  • Thinner profile to NXT Brick when batteries installed
  • No waiting for batteries to recharge

Rechargeable battery

  • Cost savings over time
  •  Less (hazardous) waste
  •  Our primary choice
  • LED's shows charging status

AC Adaptor for “static” robots

  • Non-mobile robots that need to run for extended periods 
  • Guarding, monitoring, measuring/logging  data, etc.
  • Requires working rechargeable battery since adaptor plugs into battery pack