Instruction Guide: NXT Test Programs (Try Me Mode)

Note: If the Try Me Mode programs have been deleted from a birck, re-downloading the firmware will re-install the Try Me programs.


  • Hands-on experience with operating the NXT brick
  • Initial experience with running a program on the NXT brick
  • Better understanding of the sensor functions
  • Initial experience with Computational Thinking: determining the inputs, outputs and their relationship through program flow


  • Student will add sensors and motors to build an NXT computer and then run the built-in Try Me programs
  • Have student power up bricks and navigate to the “Try Me” Menu
  • Have students run each of the five programs and complete the “Try Me” Worksheet
    • The name of the program (e.g. Try-Touch) indicates which sensor needs to be attached
  • Students observation and analysis should connected back to both:
    • The Parts of a Computer (Input, Oupupt, Processor and Storage)
    • The attributes of a robot:
      • manufatured by Lego
      • sense environment (input)
      • respond to instructions:
        • program flow is the instructions
        • output gives evidence of response