Instruction Guide: Group Challenge: The Robo-Zoo

This lesson ties together all the learning to date. The students must design an animatronic Robo-Zoo.  As a group, students will design their zoo layout and exhibit-types.  Then each team will select an animal to research, focusing on the physical characteristics and behavior of the species.  Finally, students will then design, build and program their animatronic creations using the Engineering Process.

The Robo-Zoo

Use the links on this page to lead a discussion with students about different zoo designs/layouts, animatronics in general and NXT animatronics:

Walk students through the following steps:

  • Have students consider the design and layout of various zoos, and decide on a design for their Robo-Zoo
    • Organized by zoological family, geographic location or special theme (endangered species, etc.).
    • Show the linked examples and have students search for others
    • Have students settle on a Robo-Zoo design/layout
  • Have student share their experiences with animatronics
    • Theme parks, movie productions, toys, domestic entertainment, etc.
    • Show linked examples and have students search for others
  • Share the linked examples of NXT animatronics and have students search for others
  • Have teams select their animal of choice, based on the Robo-Zoo design/layout
  • Have students use the Engineering Process to develop their animatronic creation
    • Use either the Engineering Process Log hardcopy or electronic version to document their work.
    • Note: Step #2, Research, in this case may include:
      • Zoological research on their selected animal's physical characteristics and behavior
      • Animatronics in general (Non-NXT)
      • NXT animatronics
  • Have students create a video tour of their final Robo-Zoo