Answer Key: Straight Ahead_Unit level

Answer Key: Unit Quiz

  1. NXT-G is the program where you create programs for the NXT robot 
    NXT Video Trainers 2 is a series of video tutorials that teach you how to use NXT-G
    These two programs should always be used together so you can follow along with the lesson

  2. Common palette

  3. Comments are notes you leave (for yourself or others) in NXT-G to describe what the program is doing – they do not affect how the program runs.

  4. Use the arrow keys to scroll or use the highlight window (when magnifying glass is selected) in the lower-right to move around the program

  5. Their Blocks are different – the Move block has two gears (motor has one) and is darker green

  6. Press the “Download” button in NXT-G (downward arrow), then select the program on the brick and run it.
    Press the “Download and run” button in NXT-G (“play” button) and the program will run immediately after downloading

  7. Rotations – the number of full rotation of the motors
    Degrees – the number of degrees of rotation of the motors (1 full rotation equals 360 degrees)
    Seconds – the number of seconds the motors will run
    Unlimited – turn motors on and immediately run the next block in the program

  8. Brake – stops motors abruptly
    Coast – removes power from the motor and allows them to stop slowly come to a stop

  9. 15/500 = 50/? 
    50/15 = 3.333
    ? = 500 x 3.333 = 1,666.7 degrees

  10. Move Forward, full speed, for 45 rotations, then stop abruptly

  11. Move Backward, 75% power, 720 degrees (2 rotations), then coast to a stop

  12. Move Forward, 50% power, for 2 second and then stop abruptly

  13. Tribot would not move