Answer Key: Line Following_Unit_Level

Answer Key: Unit Quiz

  1. The tribot will continue to follow the edge of the line for the specified length of time.  Knowing the speed of the tribot will allow you to control the distance the line followers travels by controlling the length of time the line-follower Loop runs.
  2. Sensor and Logic inputs can both control the Loop, or it can be set to run forever
  3. The Switch block is controlled by the light sensor.  If the sensor sees “light” (above the threshold) the tribot turns toward the line, and if the sensor sees “dark” (below the threshold) the tribot turns off the line.
  4. Optimized Line Following adjusts the power of the Move blocks (speed of tribot) to go faster on straight sections and more slowly on curves.  In NXT-G this is done by changing the stopped Move blocks to forward Move blocks (but at a lower power setting than the other motor, so the tribot still turns) for straight line following.  For tight curves, the power on the Move blocks are reduced so the tribot does not turn as abruptly (and won’t unintentionally cross over to the other side of the line).
  5. A) To move faster on a straight line, Ziffle should change the Move “Stop” blocks to Move unlimited with a low power setting (lower than the second Move block, otherwise the robot will not turn in the desired direction)
    B) To negotiate a sharper turn, Ziffle needs to reduce the power setting on the Move blocks, so the robot does not turn all the way across the line.