Answer Key: Circuits and Computers_Unit Level Quiz

Answer Key: Unit Quiz

  1. Power source – a battery (many possible answers)
    Conducting path – a wire (many possible answers)
    Switch – a light switch (many possible answers)
    Load  –   light bulb (many possible answers)


  2. A high voltage power line: - conducting path
    A solar panel on a roof: – power source
    The lights in this room: - load
    The thermostat in this room: - switch
    The speakers on a boom-box: - load
    A USB cable: - conducting path


  3. Insulator – plastic on the wires, brick, motors (many possible answers)
    Conductor – metal inside wires, usb cable (many possible answers)
    Semiconductor – brick LCD screen, battery LED lights (many possible answers)


  4. AA batteries – thinner brick, longer life near full charge, no waiting for recharge
    AC adaptor – no battery life issues, runs indefinitely


  5. Number of full rotations, or total number of degrees of rotations


  6. The abacus, Stonehenge and the slide rule are all examples of non-electronic calculating devices


  7. Big, Hot, Flakey, Expensive


  8. The transistor – it acts as a switch


  9. Input – mouse, keyboard, microphone, scanner
    Output – screen, speakers, printer
    Processor – microprocessor
    Storage – hard drive, CD/DVD drive, RAM,  ROM, Flash


  10. Input and Output


  11. Input – buttons
    Output – LCD screen, speaker
    Processor – microprocessor (“brain”)
    Storage – Flash memory


  12. ROM – stores firmware
    RAM – software (programs)
    Flash – stores both firmware and software


  13. Transistors, Computer Chip, Doubles, Two Years


  14. Better, Faster, Cheaper


Bonus:  In 4 years, Moore’s Law will double twice. (x 4)

256GB/4MB = 256,000,000,000/4,000,000 = 64,000 songs today
64,000 x 4 = 256,000 songs in 4 years