Assessment: PB&J Lab Pseudocode Sheet

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The attached Microprocessor PB&J Pseudocode Worksheet Word file can be used to introduce the concept of pseudocoding at this early stage. The Thinking About Programming and Planning and Behaviors videos in the NXT Video Trainer 2 Basics menu provide an introduction to programming concepts, including the use of pseudocoding. Following up these videos with an exercise to redo the PB&J Lab with this worksheet allows the students to practice these concepts. The first column is used to break down the challenge into major tasks (put bread on plate, put peanut butter on bread, etc.). The second column breaks down the Major Tasks into English statements that describe the Actions required to complete each Major Task (grab the bread bag, grab the bag seal, twist the bag seal, etc.). Finally, the in the third column, each of these Actions is broken down into Machine Language Instructions (LH_MT_BB, RH_MT_BS, RH_GR_BS, etc.). Students then read down their third column to test/act-out their program.

Education Level: 
Middle School
High School
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Robotics Software