Instruction Guide: EV3 - Powering the Brick

 In this Lesson we have 3 Primary Instruction Resources:

  1. The 1st resource is a EV3 Trainer lesson on Batteries (Powering the Brick).
  2. The 2nd resource is from the EV3 User Guide and describes different options for Powering the Brick. The information is then summarized in bullet form.
  3. The 3rd resource is another EV3 Trainer lesson that helps Students learn to navigate the EV3 Menus.

Resource 1:

The EV3 Trainer has a Batteries lesson describing powering the EV3 Brick:

Basic > Getting Started

  • Getting Started 1: Batteries

The EV3 Trainer Teacher's Guide references this In the Classroom section, page 16.

Resource 2:

Pages 8 & 9 from the EV3 User Guide are available here. This has instructions for powering the EV3.

AA Batteries

  • Use separate battery cover for AA’s
  • Higher voltage than from rechargeable batteries
  • Slower drain from full charge/peak voltage
  • Thinner profile to EV3 Brick when batteries installed
  • No waiting for batteries to recharge

Rechargeable battery

  • Cost savings over time
  • Less (hazardous) waste
  • Our primary choice
  • LED's shows charging status

AC Adaptor for “static” robots

  • Non-mobile robots that need to run for extended periods 
  • Guarding, monitoring, measuring/logging  data, etc.
  • Requires working rechargeable battery since adaptor plugs into battery pack

Resource 3:

The EV3 Trainer Curriculum has a lesson describing the Menus on the EV3 Brick:

Basics > Getting Started

  • Getting Started 4: Menus

The EV3 Trainer Teacher's Guide references this In the Classroom section, page17.

Once powered up, students can walk through the lesson on the menu system on the EV3 and answer the questions below the video.