Answer Key: EV3 - "Data Wires" Part1 _Unit Level

1. C

2. The red block is a Random Number block that in this case will generate a random number between the specified limits of 1 and 10. The green Move Steering block moves straight ahead for the number of rotations specified by the Random block.

3. The Sensor Block outputs the ultrasonic senor reading in centimeters.  This value is used to control the Power parameter of the Move Steering Block with its duration parameter set to "ON".  These two Blocks loop continuously.  As a result, the robot will move forward at a high speed while it is a large distance from any object, but as it approaches an object  it will continuously slow down until it stops.

3. Since the program would only run once, it would display a sensor value for a moment, and then turn off the display at the end of the program