Instruction Guide: EV3 - "Logic"

In this lesson students explore the use of Boolean Loigc to control Loops.

In this Lesson we have 1 Primary Instructional resources:

  • EV3 Trainer section on Logic is the Primary Instruction Material.

Bonus > Logic

The EV3 Trainer Teacher's Guide references this on page 138.

Resource 1:

Students should be able to answer the review questions at the end of step 1, and end up with a solid command of the purpose and functionality Loop Blocks controlled by Boolean Logic.  Although this lesson emphasizies Logic for loop control, Logic may be used in many EV3-G Blocks.

As students progress through, have them document their milestones in the Logic Loops Task Assignment Sheet.

Mini Challenge 1: Forward until Touch OR Rotations OR Near

Mini Challenge 2: Line Track until Touch or Near

Key learning to check for during sign-off includes:

  • Ensure students understand the nature of logic-controlled Loop Blocks:
    • Have students explain how Wait-For Block can be replaced by a sensor-controlled Loop Block
    • Then have them explain how this senor-controlled Loop Block and be replaced by using the logic output of a Sensor Block and the logic-contol of the Loop Block
    • Finally, have them explain how extending this idea with a Logic Block allows the Loop Block to be controlled by multiple sensors
  • Ensure students understand the nature of the Logic Block:
    • Have students explain the four Boolean Logic options for the Logic Block
      • Use the Venn Diagram to help with this explanations
      • The A & B inputs can be set as block paramters, or overwritten by data wires
      • These are complex programs, so have students develop a flowchart
      • Have students use My Blocks for  Sub-Processes (and others if desired)
      • Ensure the comments in the program are consistent with the flowChart