Assessment: EV3 - Moving with Linkages

Assessment Type: 

I grade all my units using mastery grading. If they’ve met the learning target/objective, they earn a B; if they’ve almost met it, they’ve earned a C, and if they have exceeded it, they’ve earned an A.

For this unit, it would look like this:

C – Robot does not move forward in a straight line for two feet. But robot does have two linkages correctly attached to motors. Students can explain what they were trying to do and why they weren’t successful.

B – Robot moves forward in a straight line for two feet using linkages. It may wobble a bit, or require a slight re-alignment, but it generally gets there on its own.

A – Robot moves forward in a totally straight line for more than two feet. The movement is fluid and consistent, and of course, linkages are used.

Education Level: 
Middle School
High School
Focus Subject: 
Robotics Hardware