Lesson: EV3 - Interactive Robot Challenge

Many of the robots students create are fun to look at and watch. Most of the robots that exist in the “real world” are built to interact with. Think of an arcade game or a programmable appliance or remote control car. Very few robots are built for the user to be a passive participant. In this unit students will build and program robots that are designed to be interactive. This two-week unit follows three distinctive steps. 1) An overview of interactive robots is given and students are presented with a lesson (that may be a review) on using sensors. 2) Students are introduced to the idea of rapid prototyping and are then tasked with buiding a “Candy Protection Machine.” 3) Students will work to build and program their own interactive robot.

Student will be able to:

  1. Program the touch sensor and ultrasonic sensor

  2. Rapidly prototype a machine.

  3. Build and program a robot that other people can interact with.


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Education Level: 
Upper Elementary
Middle School
High School
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Focus Subject: 
Robotics Hardware
Robotics Software
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