Classroom Resource: Organization Placards for EV3 Core Set and EV3 Expansion Set

The attached pptx and pdf files contains the organization placards included in the top of the NXT kit, but missing with the EV3 kit.  The attached file has both the top tray and bottom bin placards for both the EV3 Core Set (45544) and the EV3 Expansion Set (45560).  Although originally intended to be printed out larger, these pages are sized to print out on 8.5x11 paper (the axle/beam scale has be adjusted to still be full size).  The idea is to place the top and bottom sheet back-to-back in a glossy sheet protector and place this in the kit.  By choosing a glossy protector, students can use dry-erase markers to mark of items as they inventory/organize their kits, and then use a cloth to easily clean the sheets when done.