Assessment: EV3 - The Wave

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This lesson ties together all the learning to date. The students must design/modify a robot capable of precise and repeatable forward and reverse movement.  Students must then design and program a choreographed group performance.  This will require the students learning to use the Wait-for-Time block.

The Wave Challenge

Start by showing students this example of  The Wave Video. for NXT Robots

Walk students through the following steps:

  • Have student develop the overall plan and patterns for their performance
    • The pattern of the performance in the video is only a suggestion, students may develop their own
      • Note:  The video example coordinates the start using the NXT sound sensor - since the EV3 does not have sound sensor, how will student coordinate the start?  Pressing the Brick button is the easiest, but you may want to add a Wait-for-Time block so students can step away perform things start moving.
    • Break the patterns down into individual movements
  • Have students develop a means of choreographing the movements of each robot
    • A table or spreadsheet is useful for this step
    • Numbering each robot with Post-Its helps this process
    • Coordinate the movement of each robot
    • This The Wave Planning Template may help coordinate the students ideas
  • Have students analyze practice runs:
    • Identify sources of imprecision
      • Physical differences between robots such as battery level, friction, rigidity of structure, etc.
      • Software differences such as errors in programming, start/stop coordination, etc.
  • Have students create a video of their final performance
  • Consider whether robot moves should be controlled by rotations or time
    • Rotations will have the robot move the same distance, but they become less in sync as the performance progresses
    • Time may cause robots to move different amounts, but changes in movement will reamin better in sync

Note:  This challenge may be revisited to incorporate subsequent skills such as sensors, turning, third motors/appendages, loops, etc.  Eventually, "The Wave" will evolve into choreographed dancing robots.

Education Level: 
Middle School
High School
Focus Subject: 
Robotics Software