Answer Key: EV3 Assessment_Unit_Hardware_Software_Firmware

  1. Hardware is the physical, tangible pieces, anything you can see or touch
    Software is the instructions given to the hardware by the user (student), the programs the students will write
    Firmware is the instructions given to the hardware by the manufacturer (LEGO® MINDSTORMS®)

  2. Fetch finds the next instruction
    Decode interprets instruction
    Execute carries out instruction

  3. Higher level language
  4. Nothing
  5. ­­­Block 1 – Turn large motor on
    Block 2 - Wait for touch
    Block 3 – Display something
    Block 4 – Turn medium motor off
    Block 5 – Flash the Brick lights

  6. EV3-G is the program where you create programs for the EV3 robot . EV3  Trainers is a series of tutorials that teach you how to use EV3-G. These two programs should always be used together so you can follow along with the lesson
  7. Comments are notes you leave (for yourself or others) in NXT-G to describe what the program is doing – they do not affect how the program runs.
  8. Use the panning arrow buttons at the screen edge to scroll or Zoom-in/Zoom-out options.
  9. Press the “Download” button in EV3-G (downward arrow), then select the program on the brick and run it.
    Press the “Download and run” button in EV3-G (“play” button) and the program will run immediately after downloading.