Instruction Guide: EV3 - 'Move until Color'

In this Lesson we have 4 Primary Instruction Resources:

  1. The 1st resource is a EV3 Trainer section on "Move until Color".
  2. The 2nd resource is EV3 User's Guide.
  3. The 3rd resource is the Light Sensor video from STEMcentric. Note: This video discusses the Color Sensor. There is no EV3 Light Sensor
  4. The 4th resource is the Extended Additional Assessment on Line Counting

Resource 1:

The EV3 Trainer has a section describing Color Sensor:

Behaviors > Sensors > 6. Move Until Color

The EV3 Trainer Teacher's Guide references this on pages 56-62.

Students should be able to answer all the review questions at the end of each step and end up with a solid command of each parameter in the Wait-for-Color block configuration panel, including the calculation and use of a light threshold.

The "Try It" sections below the review questions in Step 3 dig deeper into the Wait-for-Color parameters and how to use the EV3 Port View App with the Color Sensor.

The Optional Activities below the "Try It" in Step 3 has a "Did You Know" which shows the operation of the Color Sensor.

The EV3 Trainer Teacher’s Guide has additional reproducibles for those who have purchased the product. The  reproducibles for Move Until Color can be found on pages 103-104.

Have students work through the self-paced lesson "Move Until Color"  videos from the "Behaviors" page in "EV3 Trainer":

  • The students will need to find the EV3 Trainer icon on their desktop and click on this icon.
  • Have the students press the number keys (1-5 and C) to progress thru the videos. 'C' is the Challenge. Have students complete the challlenge.

Students should be able to answer all the review questions (formative assessment) at the end of each step.

Students will be doing a summative challenge (Traffic Signal Challenge) from EV3 Trainer.

Resource 2:

The EV3 User's Guide has a discussion of the Different Light Sensor modes on page 12.

Resource 3:

A useful Alternative Differentiated Instructional Material is the Stemcentric Video regarding the Color/light sensor. This video also has an exercise.

Resource 4:

The Extended Additonal Assessment challenge (Line Counting) is also an excellent challenge for students to work thru. A part of this challenge will be to go to the EV3 Help system to learn how to display an image on the brick and how to tell the brick to make a sound.