Assessment: EV3 - Color Candy Sorter

Assessment Type: 

I grade all my units using mastery grading. If they’ve met the learning target/objective, they earn a B; if they’ve almost met it, they’ve earned a C, and if they have exceeded it, they’ve earned an A.

For this unit, it would look like this:

C – Some candy pieces get sorted, but either the programming or building is not robust and candy either gets read wrong by the color sensor or sorted wrong by the robot.

Some students choose to use reflective light to sort the warm/cold colors. I would suggest that this is a lower level of programming (two conditions in a switch, greater than or less than a threshold number) and is a bit easier to accomplish. Maybe a maximum of a B for this approach.

B – Robot sorts candy accurately, but there is a hiccup or two. Candy gets stuck occasionally, candy is sorted but does not land in a secure location, or some parts of machine break down requiring fixing, etc.

A – Candy is sorted accurately every time without loss or hiccups. Machinery runs smoothly and no adjustments are needed.

Education Level: 
Middle School
High School
Focus Subject: 
Computing / Computer Science
Robotics Hardware
Robotics Software