Assessment: Etch-A-Sketch

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The challenge was created by Ron Compton(West Valley Junior High, Yakima, WA).

Have students build an Etch-a-Sketch with a touch sensor reset button.

There are several variations of the reset button:

> One is to run the program within a switch, which gives the user the ability to reset the cursor to the 0,0 point

> Another is to directly hook a switch to the clear data plug on the display block using a data
wire. The disadvantage to this is not being able to reset the start point to 0,0.

Once the students complete the first part of the assignment, have them use their NXT to spell out the word, "Robotics" on the screen without moving the rotation sensors with their hands.

The attached Answer Key in an .rbt file which shows one possible solution to this challenge.

Answer key: 
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Middle School
High School
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Computing / Computer Science
Robotics Hardware
Robotics Software