Classroom Resource Category: Classroom Procedures

This section contains best practices, tips, tricks, and other resources to help run a STEM Robotics classroom.  Registered Teacher_Users are encouraged to add their own successful ideas using the "Add Classroom Resource" Wizard at the top of the Navigation Tree (left-hand pane).

2:1 Student to Kit Ratio
This resource: provides the reasoning behind favoring a 2 students-per-kit ratio.

Kit Organization & Inventory
This resource: provides tips and strategies for keeping the NXT kits organized.

9797 Kit Part Pictures & Names
This resource: is a great 3 page summary of the 9797 Kit Parts by category with excellent Hi-Res images. Thanks to Kate Steward from Centralia SD, WA, for adding this to the After-School Resource section (and we highjacked it here too).

Team Effectiveness Evaluation
This resource: provides a quick student self-evaluation of their team dynamics.

This resource: is a technique for improving awareness of STEM outside the classroom.


Engineering Notebook Sample Handout
This resource: This is a handout of an example of how to format a table of contents and entry page for a student engineering notebook.

Robot Design Rubric
This resource: A rubric to evaluate student robot hardware and software design.

NXT Intro Student Workbook
This resource: is a workbook for students to follow through an introductory STEM Robotics 101 class. It incorporates content leading to the Sumo Bot Challenge form the STEM Robotics 101 Invitational. The original Publisher file as well as a pdf version are attached.