Classroom Resource Category: Tips & Tricks: Software

This section contains tips, tricks, undocumented (or poorly documented) features, troubleshooting/debugging techniques, workarounds,  etc. for the NXT-G programming software.

Debugging Tips
This resource: is a list of Hardware Debugging Tech Tips come from John Heffernan (Williamsburg Elementary Schools, Williamsburg, MA):

Can't Save My Blocks or Programs Fix
This resource: is a response from LEGO Education Support to an occasional problem where NXT-G will give an error when you try to save a My Block or program file. 

Final NXT-G version with "Missing File" Patch
This resource: is a link to the LEGO page that contains the final version of the NXT-G software. This is version 2.1f6, which includes the patch to 2.1 for the "1003 Missing File" error. Note, the link is labelled 2.0, but it actually downloads and installs as 2.1f6. Both PC and Mac links are provided on this page.