Classroom Resource: General Robot Troubleshooting Tips

Below is a list of Hardware Debugging Tech Tips  from John Heffernan (Williamsburg Elementary Schools, Williamsburg, MA):

  • Battery/robot reset
  • Lift up robot if you have movement problems to see what is going on with the wheels. 
  • The sound sensor can hear the robot’s cars own motors.   Increase the threshold or turn up to 100 and try in a quiet   place.
  •  Make sure the connections to motors/ports match the programming interface.   
  •  If the robot appears to dead, first try known good batteries.  If it still appears dead, reset the unit by pressing a paper clip for 10 seconds into the upper left hand hold (looking for the bottom) and try again. 
  •  Make sure all LEGO pieces are clicking in firmly.  Many robots will be wobbly or will not work in other ways if pieces are not clicked in firmly. 
  • Compare a robot that is not working with a working model if there are possible construction issues. 
  •  Recheck directions and compare the model with the book if there are possible construction issues.
  • NEVER run a robot on a table...Always run the robot on the floor or within an enclosed area.