Classroom Resource: Intial Survey

The attached Intial Survey is adapted from one developed by Don Domes of Hillsboro High School, Hillsboro, OR. In addition to getting a unique snap shot of each student, Don uses the "What pay rate" question as a segue to discuss the unique format of a Robotics class and the higher order thinking skills it demands. Inevitably, most (or all) students avoid the minimum wage level and even skilled labor level, opting instead for the professional level. The skills required for these kinds of jobs are very different than those for flipping burgers, so Don explains how the class will be run to emphasize higher order thinking skills, independent learning, effective teamwork and problem solving. Students who complain that the course does not rely on simple memorization, all multiple choice tests, or credit for just showing up and going through the motions can reminded that these are not the skills required the professional wage jobs that they said they want to earn.