Classroom Resource Category: After-School Robotics Club Resources

This section contains resouces unique to teaching STEM Robotics 101 in an after-school club environment.

After School Start Up Costs
This resource: This page provides general budgetary costs for an after school robotics program

Small Grant Opportunities for Teachers
This resource: This is a very easy grant to get if you are a classroom teacher. Take about 20 minutes to write a grant, then watch the money flow in. I have written three of these grants and have received full funding on all of them. You start out writing small grants, then you can increase your grant requests each time you write another.

Centralia Summer School 15 Day Plan
This resource: This outline represents the content overview for a 15 day summer robotics camp. Students attend summer school from 8:30-11:45 daily.

Kit Inventory Check Sheet
This resource: Students use this tool to inventory their kits

Part Pictures
This resource: Part Pictures and Names

Gear Train Ratio Video
This resource: This video shows the math involved in figuring out gear train and compound gearing ratios

Information on NXT
This resource: Carnegie Mellon website resources

Gear Basics
This resource: This video offers explicit information on the relationship of gears

Lego Worm Gears
This resource: Lift arm use of a worm gear

NXT Robotic Arm
This resource: This video demonstrates the function of a robotic arm