Classroom Resource: Sharing My Blocks (and other files) between EV3 Projects

(1) The easiest way for me to copy My blocks from one project to another is to use the Copy/Paste buttons at the bottom of the Project Properties Page (PPP) of the My Blocks tab.  If you’ve written a MyBlock for one project and want to use it in another project, just select the MyBlock and click Copy. Open the My Block tab in the Project Properties page for the other project and click Paste to insert the MyBlock. You can Copy and Paste Programs, Variables, Canvases, Images, and Sounds in a similar  way.  You can also select multiple blocks and use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to cut and paste sections of code between projects. (2) To share My Blocks and other resources over a network or 'sneakernet' (via USB flash drives) just go to the PPP and use the Export and Import buttons at the bottom of the appropriate tab to Export and Import My Blocks, Programs, Images, Sound and Exportable Items.