Instruction Guide: EV3 - Using the EV3 Trainer

Have the students access EV3 Trainer (a.k.a "Introduction to Programming: LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3")

EV3 Trainer and the EV3 Programming software (EV3-G) are two different things

  • The EV3 Trainer delivers video lessons on how to program in EV3-G
  • EV3-G is used to write programs and download them to the EV3 Brick

EV3 Trainer and EV3-G should be used side-by-side

  • Students can pause the EV3 Trainer  lesson and carry-out the lesson instructions in EV3-G
  • This allows real-time reinforcement of the EV3 Trainer material through an immediate hands-on experience

EV3 Trainer videos can be “rewound” and reviewed as necessary to fulfill the lesson instructions in EV3-G

EV3 Trainer Content:

  • The 1st video step in a section is a video showing a real life application of the information being covered
  • The 2nd step in a section has the build instructions so that the robot will be able to complete the challenges
  • After the 2nd step we have video lessons and reviews that progress the student thru the information being covered. These steps consist mainly of:
    • a video
    • questions that the student should be able to answer (self-assessment/formative assessment)
    • a mini challenge
    • frequently followed by OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES!! See note below.
    • frequently followed by a "Did you notice?" section follows Optional Activities. Really good information here
  • The last step is a Challenge that test the students knowledge of all the information in the section.

EV3 Trainer lessons are highlighted in yellow in the Instruction Guide, so that they will be easy to spot!

Some of the video lessons have challenges. Students should be able to complete these challenges.

NOTE: Below the Challenges are often OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES and DID YOU NOTICE?. You can't see them unless you page down. They are great, but you can't see them unless you scroll down below the challenges.

Note: There is no lesson-level assessment for the lesson.