Instruction Guide: EV3 - Using the EV3-G Programming Software

Have students watch watch the 4 EV3 Trainer videos in the Getting Started section. They are documented in the Introduction to Programming Teacher's Guide pp18-20.

The EV3 Trainer has a lesson describing using the EV3-G Software :

Basics > Using the Software (look to the far right).

The key points are:

Students should be able to open, save and save_as EV3-G program files

  • Encourage students to save their programs frequently
  • Encourage students to save multiple versions of their program if they make significant changes

If a program is larger than the EV3-G window size,

  • students can pan around the program with the keyboard navigation keys (arrows, home, etc.) or
  •  zoom in and out..

Interaction with the Brick (view Brick contents/status, downloading/running programs) is controlled by the cluster of buttons in the lower right corner of the programming window

Students should use Comments to make notes in their programs for later reference

The EV3 Trainer has a lesson describing how a robot needs precise instructions:

Basics > Big Ideas 1-2

The key points are:

  • Programming is precise
  • Discussion of the relationship between Sensors, Programs, and Actions

The EV3 Trainer has a lesson describing how software flows:

Basics > Big Ideas 3

  • The program flows from left to right
  • Loops can be used if the robot will be repeating actions

The EV3 Trainer has a lesson describing how to break down problems into little steps:

Basics > Big Ideas 4-5

  • Break down programming into small steps
  • Programming is a way of thinking that can be applied to non-programming tasks.