Instructional Material: EV3 - Pseudocode

Have students work through the EV3 Trainer videos describing Breaking Down Problems and Iterative Design:

Big Ideas > 4-5

  • 4. Break Down Problems and Build Up Solutions

  Final Challenge > Resources

  • 2. Iterative Design

Use the EV3 Trainer Teacher's Guide reference on  page  119 to introduce the concept of Pseudocode to students (Note: This resource is only available from the purchased version EV3 Trainer).

Use the attached Pseudocode Sheet Example to show students how this tool may be used to approach a complex task. The attached Pseudocode Sheet is an hardcopy blank for students to use, while Pseudocode Template is an electronic form for students to use.

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Middle School
High School
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Robotics Hardware
Robotics Software
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