Answer Key: EV3 - UNDER CONSTRUCTION Turning_Unit Level

Answer Key: Unit Quiz

  1. 'A' is the Move Steering Block.
  2. Click on the Steering parameter and move the slider to the left or right based on the direction of the turn. A positive or negative number may also be entered to indicate the direction of the turn.
  3. A Swing Turn has one wheel stopped and the other moving (this causes the robot to swing , or pivot, around one stopped wheel).  This is accomplished in EV3-G by using a Move Tank Block and setting the Power Level of each wheel. One wheel will be moving and the other wheel's power will be set to '0'.
  4. A U-Turn has both wheels moving in the same direction, but at different speeds (this causes the robot to turn in a U-shape).  This is accomplished in EV3-G by sliding the Power control of the Move Tank Block for both motors off the center, in the same direction, but for different amounts. Make sure that the robots motors are running long enough to make the complete turn.
  5. Alternatively the student could use the Move Steering Block and move the steering control off center, but not all the way to either extreme (turning in place).
  6. The Move Block commands turn the motor (not the robot) 90 degrees.
  7. 1) Guess-and-check
    2) Ratio and Proportion
    3) Unit Rate Math
    4) Port View App while moving the robot by hand