Answer Key: EV3 - UNDER CONSTRUCTION Move until Color_Unit Level

Answer Key: Unit Quiz

  1. A threshold is a cut-off value that divides a range of numbers into two groups: those above the threshold and those below.
  2. Since the threshold is 17 ((26+8)/2 = 17), the current reading of 16 is below the threshold and will be interpreted as dark.
  3. Since the Wait-for-Color Block is waiting for bright (>50), then the floor must be dark.  Since the line is 10 above the threshold, then the dark floor must be 10 below the threshold, or 40. (Alternatively, 50 x 2 = 100; 100 – 60 = 40, so the threshold must be 40).       
  4. Raise the volume to 100% and set the Finish parameter to 'Wait for Completion'.