Instruction Guide: EV3 - Turn for Angle

In this lesson, students learn to work with the Gyro sensor.

In this Lesson we have 1 Primary Instruction Resources:

  • The 1st resource is a EV3 Trainer lesson on the Gyro Sensor.

The EV3 Trainer has a lesson describing the Gyro Sensor

Behaviors >Sensors > 5. Move Until Angle

The EV3 Trainer Teacher's Guide references this on pages 50-55.

Students should be able to answer all the review questions at the end of each step and end up with a solid command of each parameter in the Wait-for-Gyro Block and an understanding of how the gyro sensors works.

The "Try It" section below the review questions in Step 4 digs deeper into the Wait-for-Gyro parameters.

The Optional Activities below the "Try It" in Step 4 has a "Did You Know" which shows the operation of the Gyro Sensor.

The EV3 Trainer Teacher’s Guide has additional reproducibles for those who have purchased the product.The  reproducibles for Move Until Angle can be found on pages 101-102.

There are 2 challenges:

  1. Mini Challenge : Square Box  Behaviors >Sensors > 4. Move Until Gyro > 4
  2. Mower Challenge Behaviors >Sensors > 4. Move Until Gyro > C

As students progress through, have them document their milestones in the Move Until Angle Task Assignment sheet.

The teacher has the final sign-off on this sheet.

Key learning to check for during your sign-off includes:

  • The Gyro Sensor measure the amount the robot's body turns
  • What factors contribute to "overturning"
    • sensor accuracy limitations
    • delay in sensing and signal transmission
    • physical momentum
  • The difference between a workaround and a solution: a solution removes the source of the problem, while a workaround only reduces it effects.

Resetting the Gyro Sensor

The FLL Coaches Overview (Differentiated Instructional Material: Supplemental) emphasizes the importance of resetting the Gyro Sensor immediately before its use in a program.  If students are getting erratic results, try adding this measure.