Answer Key: Circuits and Switches_Worksheet

  Answer Key: Circuits & Switches Worksheet

  1. Power source Conducting Path Switch Load
  2. Power source – pump that pushes electrons around the circuit (e.g. battery) Conducting path – path through which electrons move (e.g. wires) Switch – means to turn on and off the flow of electrons (e.g. light switch) Load – part of the circuit that does something useful (e.g. light bulb)
  3. Many possible answers, for example: Flashlight - Power source: batteries, Conducting path: wires, Switch – slider switch, Load – lamp bulb
  4. Conductors allow electrons to move freely Insulators do not allow electrons to move freely (they don’t conduct) Semiconductors allow electrons to move freely only under certain conditions, and do not under other conditions (act like either a conductor or insulator, depending on the conditions)