Instruction Guide: EV3 - Multitasking

 In this Lesson we have 1 Primary Instruction Resource:

Resource 1:

Have student work through the STEMcentric Multitasking video.  Key concepts to understand are:

  • Multitasking allows parallel branches of an EV-G programs to run concurrently
    • The EV3 processor actually sequences through the branches one at a time, but does this so fast that is appears all branches are running at the same time
    • The video only shows branches originating at the Start block, but parallel branches can be created from the terminal of any block
  • Care must be taken that parallel branches which are running concurrently to not try to control the same ouput at the same time:
    • Telling the same motor to make differnet movements
    • Giving the screen or speakers conflicting instructions
  • The Loop Interrupt block allows one branch to terminate a Loop block in another branch
    • The Loop Interupt block and target Loop block must share the same name

Have student complete the open-ended Multitasking Task Assignment Sheet to build a multitasking robotic creation of their own invention.

The multitasking capability will be very useful for the SumBot Engineering Challenge.