Answer Key: EV3 - Wired for Data Unit Level

1. The red block is a Random Number block that in this case will generate a random number between the specified limits of 1 and 10. The green Move Steering block moves straight ahead for the number of rotations specified by the Random block.

2. A "container" that holds a value for later use.

3. To store a value in one place and use it later in the program.

4. A

5. A

6a. Indefinitely if the Touch Sensor is not pressed.


6b.The Logic block uses and "AND' which means that the Touch

Sensor needs to be pressed AND Ziffle has traveled greater than 5 rotations.


6c. Continue to run until both conditions are met.


6d. Change the Logic block to 'OR' so that the program needs to run for 5 rotations OR until the Touch Sensor is pressed.

7. Rotation and touch

8. Ten samples per second

9. The value in a variable can be changed. The value in a constant is always the same once it is set in the program.

10. Ziffle added 1 to KNT, but forgot to store the new value in KNT after the addition. The program will continue to display ‘0’.

This is what the program should look like…





11. The 1st KNT variable is set to ‘0’ to initiate it to that value.