Classroom Resource: STEM Robotics 101 Invitational Competition Specifications

The first attached word file is the specification from the 5th annual South Sound STEM Robotics 101 Invitational held in Olympia, WA in June 2014.  This competition started 4 years earlier as chance for the 4 pilot schools within the Olympia School District to demonstrate the skills they had acquired through STEM Robotics 101.  The event has grown over 50% a year, and in 2014, 25 schools from 11 school districts competed in the three events with over 100 robots.  The second attached word file is a logistics document that describes how the event was run, including the use of the site to track the 12 different double elimination brackets. The link below is a STEM Pals (OSD STEM Booster Club) newspage about the results of the competition.

The third and fourth attachments below are the same documents from the 2015 edition of the South Sound STEM Robotics 101 Invitational.  A new (more challenging) event called the Cube Wrangler replaced the Line Racer this year.  The link below is the STEM Pals newspage for the 2015 results: