Instruction Guide: EV3 - Moving with My Blocks

This lesson has four resources.

The primary instructional materials are the PowerPoint and EV3 Code files from EV3Lessons.

The PowerPoint contains all the information needed for the lesson.  The corresponding EV3 Code file includes all the code need for the lesson, broken down into steps.  The EV3 Code is included as screen shots. Sometimes, additional helpful tips are included the PowerPoint.  Students should use both materials.

  1. Students should first understand why making a My Block that takes inches/cm as an input is useful
  2. Students should then use the PowerPoint file along with the EV3 code file.
  3. It is important that students read the comments.
  4. The lesson is split into phases/steps to simplify the code creation process.

The next two resources are an online wheel converter and a worksheet.  The online converter performs the distance-to-degrees conversion for several standard LEGO wheels/tires (the "manual" equivalent to the parameterized My Block created in this lesson).  The worksheet is used as the Summative Assessment Task sheet to help walk the students through the creation of their own parameterized My Block for moving straight.

Ensure students can explain the purpose and functionality of each phase (and My Block) in the development of their program.

Once students have created their program, give them a movement challenge where they only get one or two attempts to complete the challenge after measuring the required distances.