Instruction Guide: EV3 - Menu Systems

This lesson has six resources.

The primary instructional materials are the PowerPoint/pdf files from EV3Lessons; one set for the Basic Sequencer, another for the Intermediate Menu System and finally the advanced Menu System.

The PowerPoint (and pdf version) contains all the information needed for the lesson.  The corresponding EV3 code includes the multi-step development of these menus systems. 

Additional helpful tips are included the PowerPoint.  Students should use both materials.

  1. The first part of the lesson describes the basic sequencer and how to build one using the brick buttons to sequence through programs in order
  2.  The second part of the lesson shows a technique for building an intermediate level menu system using the brick buttons to select up to four programs in any order
  3.  The third part of the lesson shows a technique for building an advanced menu system using variables to implement an on-screen menu system

Ensure students can explain the purpose and functionality of each approach and demonstrate their operation