Answer Key: Moore's Law_Worksheet

Answer Key: Moore’s Law Worksheet

  1. Transistors, Computer Chip, Doubles, Two Years

  2. By doubling a penny just 30 times, you get over $10M.  By doubling the number of transistors every two years, for decades, today’s computer chips can have over a billion transistors

  3. Better, Faster, Cheaper

  4. Many possible answers, for example:
    - calculators do many more functions (scientific, graphing) and basic ones are much cheaper
    - cell phones are smaller, cheaper and smarter (now with computer-like functions)
    - digital music player hold thousands of CD quality sounds, and some play videos too

  5. Since Moore’s Law doubles every two years, in four years an iPod should hold 4 times more music/videos

  6. Better, Faster, Cheaper: A flight from Los Angeles to New York might include arcade-style video games, take only 15 minutes and cost $10