Instruction Guide: EV3 - Gyro Move Straight & Gyro Wall Follow

  This lesson has two resources.

The primary instructional materials are the PowerPoint/pdf files and EV3 Code file from EV3Lessons.

The PowerPoint (and pdf version) contains all the information needed for the lesson.  The corresponding EV3 Code file includes all the code for the various gyro control techniques.  Sometimes, additional helpful tips are included the PowerPoint.  Students should use both materials.

  1. The lesson revisits the Proportional Line Follwer to refresh the proportional contol concepts
  2. The annoted code example explains the Gyro-controlled Move Strainght, using an error of "0"
  3. The annoted code example explains the Gyro-contrloled Wall Follow, using an non-zero error

Ensure students can explain the purpose and functionality of each technique.

Slides 7 and 9 contain questions suitable for Formative Assessments.