Instruction Guide: EV3 - Introduction to Data Logging

This lesson has two resources.  Note: A LEGO Temperature Sensor is required for this lesson as written.  If none is available, another EV3 sensor may be used by adapting the purpose of the experiment.

Resource 1:

This Data Logging video from Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Academy provides a nice overview of how data logging can improve scientific experimentation.  The video shows the NXT being used, but it is equally applicable to the EV3.

Start by showing this video to students and discussing the concepts raised.

Resource 2:

The second instructional material is the PowerPoint/pdf files from EV3Lessons.

The PowerPoint (and pdf version) contains all the information needed for the lesson.  The EV3 set up examples are included as screen shots. Additional helpful tips are included the PowerPoint. 

  1. Students should use the PowerPoint/pdf file, following the step-by-step examples and screenshots.
  2. It is important that students read the comments.
  3. The lesson is split into 3 stages to explore the different Data Logging modes of operation.

Ensure students can explain the purpose and functionality of each mode of operation.

The follow-on lesson referenced in these slides is embedded as part of the subsequent "Autonomous Data Logging" lesson in this unit.