Instructional Material: Introduction to Flowcharts Alternative

Lucid Chart is a good program, it is intuitive and drag and drop.While initially free, you quickly run out of available flowcharts that you can make and it limits the level of "complexity" you can have in your chart. Additionaly, for students who are working from iPads, they cannot use Lucid Charts. 

Another rgeat option that my students found is This is 100% free, no limits on number of charts or the level of complexity (at least that we have found). If you start in lucidcharts and realize that you cannot finish without paying, the entire flowchart can be copied and pasted into and you can continue working without interruption. In addition, you do not have to sign up. You can connect it to already established accounts, like dropbox or google drive. Students definitely prefer this option

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Middle School
High School
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Computing / Computer Science
Robotics Software
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